Thursday, March 19, 2009

Horses are big

On Friday we took advantage of the sunny day and thought we'd check out the horsies down at the Hunt club. Turns out they're really big, especially to mini-people. Check out Meri eyeing a horse:
Basically, we don't have to worry about them asking for a real horse anytime soon. There might have been some tears. They really did not like it when the horses begged. Some of the horses would see that we had carrots, and proceed to beg - which consisted of them kicking their stall as loudly as they could until we fed them. For some reason, this was a little unnerving to the kids.
I promise I'm not a mean mom. I didn't force her to feed the horse. She begged me to let her feed the horse with the ponytails and then when we got close and the horse leaned in, lips back, and teeth out, she freaked. Nevertheless, she did brag about her accomplishment to anyone that would listen the rest of the day.
Despite their fear, they were still very interested in the horses and enjoyed seeing them from a comfortable distance, especially when they were riding around and jumping. The pet store might be more our cup of tea, but it's good to get out and see new things! And the girls talked about how cool the horses were for days afterwards, so I think we might even go back sometime when we're feeling brave.

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