Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is this what they mean by "sleeping like a baby?"

These are my cuties sleeping like normal people:

And this is an example of a child unsuccessfully faking it:
And this position looks incredibly awkward and utterly unsleepable to me:
How does this even happen? Did she fall over asleep and happened to land on the bed?:
Let's play who can find the baby?:
And mom and dad probably should have checked on me sooner. Again though, did she just fall asleep mid-playing with toes and konk, her head's face down in the carpet? Isn't she uncomfortable????:
And my final million-dollar question: If they can fall asleep ANYWHERE, as evidenced by the pictures above, WHY is convincing them to sleep such torture?


Lyndsey said...

The answer to the last question is because "they hate you." Hahah I am just kidding!! This is what I tell Matt when we are having a rough day and Matt asks me why and I tell him because they "hate me." At least is makes us laugh, since isn't that all you can really do?

Raina said...

That fake sleeping picture is so funny. I remember doing that, but it is so funny that you caught in on camera! And... really, they sleep in some of those positions? My neck, back, and arms would be aching after a few of those. Yikes!

Hannah said...

This is the BEST sequence of pictures. I love the pic of Jell faking sleep...too classic. I wish I knew the answer to your question, but alas, I don't. At least they look cute sleeping!

Lisa said...

Good question!! I've never seen anyone fight sleep when they're tired more than Taylor, and it drives me crazy. We would both be much happier if she'd just GIVE IN when she's tired. And unlike your adorable girls, Taylor does NOT sleep anywhere anymore. She has to be wrapped up in her crib. I can kiss the sweet days of my beautiful little girl sleeping on my shoulder goodbye. They're long gone. By the way, your girls just keep getting cuter. Do they stay asleep in those positions all night? Talk about a morning neck cramp! But my favorite is Jell faking sleeping. You should frame that one.