Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finding it hard to finish

So I haven't got to paint much lately, mostly because Cooper was suffering through finals and the girls and I were suffering from lack of Cooper, and our house was all out of sync, but hooray Coop for finishing the term! Hip hip hooray! And when I have painted, I've been totally unable to finish anything or feel successful at it. Here's some of the works in progress.
Attempt #1:
Attempt #2:
I like some things about both but think it'll probably take at least attempt #3 to get it right.

New subject.
Attempt #1 when I liked it:
Attempt #1 after I ruined it with the nasty background that I didn't want to add but went for anyway and regretted it so much afterwards that I didn't paint for days:

Attempt #2:
Sweet but missing something - not a nasty background, but something. I can't figure out what else to do with it and I'm too scared of ruining it again to touch it for now.

Attempt #3 on bigger paper (requires more courage and commitment) in the line-drawing stage, which I was really happy with:
Attempt #3 in the I'm getting nervous about ruining it phase and so it's time to go to bed instead:
Time to go to bed and dream about being an accomplished, confident artist who knows what she's doing and doesn't care about messing up, because it so rarely happens and even if it does, it doesn't matter because she has endless amounts of patience, painting time, and money - so she can start over anytime and never worry about wasting money she doesn't have on watercolor paper.

P.S. I posted two at once. Don't miss the cute entry of the girls sleeping below.


Jen said...

You are REALLY awesome. I don't know how you have energy to do any of it. The first one of Olivia really captures her facial expression awesome. I really just enjoy seeing all of this evolve, so keep it up! I also feel your pain on all the sleeping stuff. We need a 5 bedroom house so they can all sleep in separate rooms and I think our problems would be solved.

Raina said...

These are AMAZING! My mom wanted to start watercolors again (after many many years), and I told her she needs to see what you do. I don't know how you can draw none-the-less paint. it's too much thinking for me! I don't see any mistakes... so frame them all!!! :D

marzee said...

I love that you showed the stages of your painting. Great work. I know what you mean - about fear of messing it up. I'm that way with writing - or just - fear of not being able to do it like I see it in my head. Grrr.

J M Brodrick said...

Alisha, I have enjoyed following your work after Kevin McGrath showed me your paintings last July at the Lawrence Gallery.

Regarding your comments on the blog - It takes alot of courage to put your work out there when you are frustraited with it and when it is in progress.

You don't have an email listed so I am leaving you this little comment.

Keep painting! You are a good artist.

J M Brodrick