Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fun with the Bernes

As is everything I post lately, this is a little late - but here's some fun pictures from Passover at Keith and Rosie's house.
Before dinner the girls had a blast outside with their older cousins. Meri loves hula-hooping, or whatever she can do with a hula hoop and a lot of help:
And when that fun wears off, there's always dandelions to spread around Uncle Keith's backyard:

Jell was a bit more adventurous and decided to take up skateboarding (we survived without any new owies - a major accomplishment I think:
But that gets tiring, so time to rest and reflect for awhile:
And be cute:
I love the color of her hair in the sun!
And when the skateboard is just too tricky, run sprints. Isn't that what you do for kicks?
We love Nana and Bopa!


Jen said...

Cute pictures. You are so good at capturing cute moments. It must be the artist in you. I love your girls' expressions all the time. They are priceless.

Mel said...

The pictures with the sun in your girls' hair are DARLING! Hooray for sunshine!

Alisha said...

I have to admit Jen - Cooper takes most of our pictures. But he appreciates the compliment just as much!

Hannah said...

I think both girls look darling as the sun catches their hair. We like spreading dandelions too!