Sunday, May 17, 2009

The random, funny things they say

At the temple today I asked Jell if she agreed that the temple was beautiful. She said, "Yeah. Oh! I should have brought my paints so I could paint it!" Who's daughter is she?

And more proof (for me to remember) that they do love me despite intentionally trying to make me lose my mind daily: The girls were outside weeding while daddy was cleaning the car. He called them "weed-machines" and Jell said, "Yeah, we want to be just like mommy. She's a weed-machine too." So even though Jell has told me that I'm "frusterating" her frequently as of late, I guess we're still friends!

My daughter might have burst into tears when she didn't get picked to help in Primary today. Any ideas on how to make her a little less sensitive????

Lyric issues:
"I bray, I bottle" = "I pray, I borrow"
"Waffle fairies made I ever met" = "You're the fairest maid I ever met"

Coop taught Jell how to cheat today by clicking a hint button that showed you a match on a memory game on the Friend website. Is it worse when you cheat on a church website?? In his defense, she was getting quite "frusterated" at not finding any matches. From then on, however, she didn't even try. She just cheated ... and still wanted us to cheer for every match she found.

Meri pointed at a picture of a little, round, dark-haired, sombrero-wearing Mexican man in a book today, and identified him as Papa (Coop's dad who doesn't look a thing like him but does happen to be in Mexico right now - kinda weird).

In the store the other day Jell asks as loudly as she could, "Why is that lady not being modest? Did her mommy not teach her to be modest? She should put some sleeves on. Someone might see her." I'm blushing.

Jell might ask to listen to Enya in the car. She went through a phase when she asked for Jonny Lang, "the witch and the fairy (Wicked)" and she always identifies Norah Jones whenever and wherever she hears her.

Jell often asks us to call her Giselle. She's a little obsessed with Enchanted. Oh and the majority of the time, Jell writes her name backwards. Like mirror-image backwards. Each individual letter backwards, the whole word backwards. When I point this out, she usually says, "Yeah, I know. I like it that way." Hard to argue with that.

We spell words like "pet store" that we don't want them to hear until we have definite plans. However, Jell has taken to chasing us around the house anytime we spell ANYTHING, repeatedly asking (until someone gives her what she thinks could be the correct answer) "what does that spell?" "what word are you saying?" And you have to be really quick on your feet, because responding with an "I don't know" or "you tell me" or "I was just talking to daddy," doesn't cut it. And when you tell her it means some random, uninteresting word, she totally doesn't buy it although she'll sometimes give up and leave you alone. She so knows we only spell things we don't want her to hear. How do they get so smart?

I wish I could remember more!


shaun said...

I miss your girls.

Raina said...

ok... Janelle is seriously funny, and SO SO SMART!!! Are you sure she's still 3?

Hannah said...

Yes, when do they get so smart? How "frusterating!" ;)