Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Que esta arriba?

So I've been grading a lot of Spanish (mostly beginner Spanish from teens) the past week and I feel like I'm either back in the MTC or back in 7th grade with Senora Olson staring down her glasses at us. Sometimes it's just painful to read, and sometimes it's hilarious! So despite the fact that this will only be really funny to Spanish speakers I just had to post it in hopes that someone else could get a few laughs. And by the way, I got all this from just about an hour and a half of work. I'll translate the ones that are funny without knowing Spanish.
Here goes:

mi dormitorio tiene dos corderos en cada lado de mi cama. (My bedroom has two LAMBS on either side of my bed - easy slip of the finger to type the wrong word in English but in Spanish one is cordero and the other is lampara)

Mi Madre es muy aburrido y facil. Mi hermano voy a rósado pantélones. (My mother es very boring and easy. My brother goes to pink pants.)

Ella es trabajadora muchas. Juega la golf con ella pelotas de golf. Ella tiene en la falda y la sombero en la boca. (She is very worker. She play golf with she golf balls. She has in the skirt and the hat in the mouth - what does she have in the skirt and how and why did she get a hat in her mouth?)

En yo casa. Nosotros comemes en el famila roma.

Estoy mucho extadico para tu vey tu.

estoy me gusta cocinar es spicy food

Poner muchas las ropas. Los pantaones cortos, la chaqueta, la falda y la camisa es muy bien para el tiempo. Adídos!

Una ella es juego golf. Ella es usar un pelo de golf. ella es llevar una camisa y pantelones peqenos. el pelota fue en la sanda y ella hices usar el pelo de golf poder el petoa en verde.

En la cosia, tengo un refrigerador, un mesa en el centre, y otra cosas yo no puedo decir. (He meant to say: In the kitchen, I have a fridge, a table in the center and other things I can't say. I know he means he doesn't know how to say them but it makes me think why? are they bad words? would they hurt somebody's feelings? is somebody listening who shouldn't be?)

Mi casa es pequeño. Es mucha fúrnetura. Mi casa es muchas télevisíones. Es un referadora en la mochenta. ???????

Tú shoulda llevar cortos pantalones, camisetas, y camisas con zapatos. (if you don't know a word, you can just add an "a" on the end and it's spanish, right?)

No me gusta pop musica y muy exadroment personales.

Nosotrso son vamanos el parque. el tiempo es sól. Bring los shorts y camisteas. Nosotrso son vamanos a
Hope you had a few laughs. I just had to share!


randah said...

jaja. que chistoso!!! :o)

Mel said...

I love the spanglish ones! That is like what my family would do (with a Spanish accent, of course!)