Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th!

We started out the day by riding in the parade - we were amazed! The girls pretty much rode the whole way (with a little break in the middle when we sat down on the curb collecting candy from the other riders before jumping back in and riding down the road). They loved it. When Meri did poop out near the end, she jumped in the stroller and sat waving at everyone lining the road like royalty. Jell got the biggest cheer I heard when she honked her bike's horn.
Last year's 4th was a fiasco - they were terrified of the fireworks. It was a total waste of the $10 we blew on legal Oregon fireworks that are about as tall as Meri.
This year, they loved it! So much more fun when they're not cowering inside, with tears streaming down their sad little faces! They loved sparklers, which we started with.

And, of course, they loved our visitors that dropped in to enjoy watching with the girls.
Jell loving the fireworks with Uncle Jim.

Meri did have to get used to the noise though.

All right, so there was a good deal of this:

But there was also a ton of this:

And this (even when we watched the lake show till like 3 hours past their bedtime):

And this:

Holidays and fireworks and everything just seem so much more magical when seen with children!


Mel said...

I'm so glad to see that this year was less traumatic than last! Congratulations to Meri for the potty success! That is awesome. I have to admit, I am still a wimp and haven't started, although Bridger probably is about ready. Looks like you are all doing well - we miss you so much already!

p.s. I totally still have lots of pink paint, although I only strained about 1/2 of it because it sat for who knows how long and has some major chunks in it.

Also, we would love to get together soon if there is a time you aren't with family, or at school, or out of town, or painting, or... :) I will try to call you this week to arrange - be thinking about when you wouldn't mind coming way out here to Sherwood.

Raina said...

I am so glad they enjoyed them more this year. What cute pictures, and all that family to enjoy the holiday with. Did I miss you guys in the parade?

David and Melissa said...

The girls are so adorable! I love it when they pass the run and scream stage. so fun!