Monday, July 13, 2009

"Wicked" influences

After listening to the Wicked soundtrack, which Cooper so kindly gave to me for my birthday after I got Jell to suggest it to him :), I had this conversation with Jell:
J (sighing): Mom, I want to be popular.
M (trying hard not to laugh): Well Jell, there are more important things than being popular.
J (shocked): Like what??!
M (fumbling for the right words): Like having real, good friends, or like being a good person.
J (totally dejected): But I so want to be good at sports.

I guess I should be glad she didn't respond with some of the other things from the song like, knowing how to flirt with boys.

*Totally unrelated, but hilarious - Jell calls hand sanitizer the "hanitizer." It's really hard not to laugh whenever she asks for some "hanitizer."


Lisa said...

You brighten my day. I love the conversations you have with your girls. They make me laugh every time I read them.

Hannah said...

At least she hasn't picked up on the "unadulterated loathing." I love this conversation.