Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloweenie!

So sometimes I'm guilty of including way too many pictures in a post. This would be one of those times - but Halloween is just too fun and dressing them up is too cute! Somehow, despite talking about which princess they were going to be for Halloween ever since the 4th of July, they ended up being a frog and a rather glamorous bat (which she chose to be when Jell decided she liked the hand-me-down frog costume. She said, "Jell will be a frog and I will be a bat" as if there were some logical connection between the two). They ended up very happy with the arrangement.

Then, as I have been told, Coop and I chose to be the nerdiest thing we could've possibly chosen to be. I won't insult your intelligence by assuming you need an explanation. If you're still wondering, notice his ear, or the place that used to be his ear is bandaged.
Some of the fun of Halloween is that we get to go show our costumes to lots of grandparents and Aunt Patti and Uncle Jim. Here's a few pics with them:


Bobbi said...

You can never post too many pictures! Or at least i don't think I can because I want my mom and dad to see everything!! I loved all your costumes!

hannah said...

Too many pictures? Never!

Jen said...

I agree, there can never be too many pictures. Your girls look great and you guys are big WINNERS! So creative. I loved the costumes! I'm glad you had a great Halloween!

Mel said...

Love the pictures! And you were the painting? Too fun!