Friday, November 20, 2009

Just an accident

This morning in the bath, Jell swallowed the bathtub knob-thingy that you pull out to turn the shower on. Swallowed it. When asked why it was in her mouth in the first place, she cried, "I don't know. It was maybe an accident."
5 minutes after getting over the trauma, washing up, and getting out of the bath, Jell shut Meri's hand in a closet door. Instead of re-opening it and relieving her sister, she ran to us, exclaiming, "I just did something on accident. I just did something on accident." About then Meri found her voice and started screaming her head off. With her hand still closed in the closet door.
It's that kind of morning.
(They're both okay. Meri's hand is a bit bruised, but she says it'll be all better later when she goes to Grammy's house. Jell was pretty traumatized and feels uncomfortably like something large just went down her throat but the nurse said since it wasn't a magnet or a battery, and was small enough to go down, it's small enough to come out.)
Oh boy.


Mandy said...

I love those days. You hate 'em in the moment, but love them in retrospect.

Jen said...

It's funny to me how those things always come in pairs or threes! Oh, I hope Jell is ok when that comes OUT. Yuck! Molly swallowed her bandaid once. That was a gross one!

Hannah said...

Oh goodness--what a morning of "accidents"! But the fact that you can blog about it shows that you still have a sense of humor, which is always key in these moments. You're the greatest!