Friday, November 13, 2009

"Would I be called a fire girl?"

What we learned from our field trip to the Fire Station:
1. Don't pull any levers. In the front room where they display the antique fire truck, before the firemen were even there to talk to us, one of our kids (Meri got blamed but who knows) pulled a small lever on a pipe and suddenly there was water spraying across the room. None of the moms had seen what happened so we didn't really know how to stop it. Needless to say, the floor got very wet before anybody came to help. Oops.

2. Jell learned "they drive in the fire truck." Here's the girls giving it a try (lots of the kids were very disappointed that they didn't actually get to drive the truck. I don't think they trusted them anywhere near all those levers ... with good reason.)

3. Firemen with their masks on sound like Darth Vader and make Jell nervous. She finally did get brave and went up and knocked on his face mask, but she spent most of the time with her hands over her ears (what she does when she's nervous about anything) a safe distance away.

4. Meri claims to have only learned that "we get a hat" when we go to the station on a field trip. Which is pretty neat. And a sticker.

5. I listened and learned a lot of cool stuff, but I'm not so sure about the girls. My first clue was when they were jumping around dancing throughout some of his demonstrations. My second clue was when they were trying to climb the basketball pole and slide down during his explanations. My third clue was when it was apparent that it was more important to them who they were standing by than whether or not there was even a fireman in the room. My fourth clue was when I asked them what they learned when we got home and Jell said, "Um... um... well, you were there mom."

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Lyndsey said...

Love that comment by Janelle at the end. Where do they get this stuff? Who were the little boys on this trip? Were they more interested?