Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Dance Recital

For months the girls have been taking dance lessons from a friend of ours in the ward who has always been into dance. There are 5 of them who dance together, and they love it.

This week was their first dance recital, which they have been very excited for for weeks.

We stuck a couple of highlights together here for your viewing pleasure. Sorry for the low quality--any higher and they took forever to load, or wouldn't load at all. But Meri and Jenelle are the ones closest to the camera, of course. In the finale, Meri was a step or two behind everyone throughout. Which wasn't a problem, for the most part. Until.

With the second bit, we just wanted to show you the curtsies. I hate to sell Jenelle short, because her curtsies are flawless--really, perfect form. But if you're only going to watch the video once, keep your eye on Meri for this part. She's developed a rather distinct curtsy that we can't get enough of. Hopefully you won't either.

And then, for family members or bored friends, we included the video of the entire recital. Enjoy!!!


randah said...

your girls are SO cute!!!

Susie said...

That was amazing. It brought back memories of Maria and Elena dancing when they were about that age. Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Aunt Susie

hannah said...

very cute. I've thought about enrolling my boys in ballet but Josh said, "NO! No way!"

Fancy Nancy said...

were they not the cutest little things you have ever seen?!?! I loved it! I especially loved Janelle's blue eye shadow though... that took me right back to the 80's!