Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What an insult ...

Cooper sent me this in an email to make sure he wouldn't forget to tell me when I got home from work:

The girls were fighting over who got to be the girl half of the
two-headed dragon on Dragon Tales, and I told them that if they kept
fighting I'd call them both boys.

About 10 minutes later they started arguing and I heard Jenelle say,
"Meri, I don't want to disagree. Remember what daddy said? If we
disagree, we'll both be boys."

Thought that was funny.


Raina said...

I love that threat! Hehehe...they are too funny!

Mel said...

Oh the horror! :) You girls are great. I love the Baby Blues below. They are always spot on!

hannah said...

I won't tell my boys.

Jen said...

She is a laugh a minute!