Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My kids are SO weird

We have NO clue what the bear did to deserve this treatment!! Was he being preserved for future generations? Possibly a time capsule? Bottled bear meat? Solitary confinement? Science experiment?

I found it much creepier the next day when we discovered this:
Meri came out looking like this when we said "Go get your jammies on please."

And this was "get ready for scripture reading time":
And "time for family prayer":

Yes, we are totally failing.


hannah said...

You mean totally rocking! You have two independent fashion consultants/WWF wrestling champion girls. Most importantly, they obviously know they are loved. :)

Anna Berne said...

hahahaha that made me laugh soo hard. i was in the library and couldn't stop laughing. wes was very embarrassed. ha but all of it is so funny. i love their tackling. but i also like your comment "no. no running around right now but you can tackle each other." ha I WANT TO BE HOME WITH YOU GUYS RIGHT NOW!

Hannah said...

Hey, it's not necessarily about having perfect family time, it's about being consistent! I love Elder Bednar for that talk...

Jen said...

But you are so good at documenting their great moments! So, you are succeeding, you just can't see it yet.