Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Funny girls

I'm not sure what they're doing or why but at least they're happy and getting along! And check out these fashion statements:

I asked them to get ready to go visiting teaching with me. That is what I got. And Meri was sure to bring her Sleeping Beauty phone. You never know when one of the princesses, including Princess Lily (I don't remember any Princess Lily but Meri has been talking about her nonstop lately and receiving calls from her frequently). I want to make sure you notice Meri's shoes. We couldn't find her other crock, so when I brought her tennis shoes she said, "mom, maybe we could wear two different ones cause I want to wear this crock." Is it wrong of me just not to care sometimes? I make sure they're dressed nicely for church and other special things, but other times it makes me laugh and I just don't care. My mom would've never allowed it.

Also, here's some lyrics to a song Jell was singing quite dramatically (always) in the bath today (I just caught bits and pieces): "cause a ladybug also gets privacy ... I'm sorry you don't have any friends, but you do have a mom ... I'm sorry but he doesn't like you cause he likes Meeeeeeeeeee, he likes Meeeeeeeeee ... and the Holy Ghost can help you not feel sad if there are mean girls that make you sad ..." I wish I remembered it all.


David and Melissa said...

I love the shoes! Why not? kids need to be as care free for as long as possible. Good for you!

Jen said...

They. crack. me. up. And, three more can be yours after today. For free.

Hannah said...

Love the fashion statement--similar outfits come out of Erica's closet! And no, I don't think it's wrong that you let them out like this--I think it's refreshing! Love them.