Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Ninnie

There was quite a lot of confusion in our house this year. The past two Christmases we've had snow - which is a bit of a miracle because it's happened three times my whole life. So the girls, naturally, thought it always snows for Christmas. All month long they kept saying, "Mom, it's almost Christmas. Where is the snow?" Sadly there was no white Christmas. I don't think they took the disappointment too hard with all the other excitement going on. Then a week after the big day, it snowed. The girls were running around cheering, "Yeah! It's Christmas again!" See what I mean? Confusion. But regardless, while Andrew, Lenora, Ninnie, and I struggled to get back from the mall for hours on a snowy road full of incompetent drivers, daddy took the girls out to play in the snow. He pulled them on the sled up and down and round and round. And they made a snow Ninnie, complete with crazy hair and lacrosse stick and everything. So cute! Now here's hoping we get a little snow to play in while we're in Bend!


Katie said...

Ha ha I love Meri in this picture :)

P.S. And you have two of the most entertaining daughters I have the pleasure of reading about! They're so cute.

hannah said...

So cute. We had snow today too, but it's Denver. So we get "Christmas" quite often.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the Snow Ninnie! Anna must be so proud!