Thursday, January 21, 2010

We should join a league ...

because although we can't bowl worth a darn, we have fun trying!
Jell bowled a 75 and Meri bowled an 85 (they used the awesome ramp things). Meri was much more interested in the french fries, and while she would carry her ball to the ramp herself, she barely pushed it down and never stayed to see if it knocked over any pins. Unfortunately, she ended the night by dropping a ball on her foot when she tried to put it back on the rack. Ouch! Jell, on the other hand, was devastated each time she didn't knock "enough" pins over. She's used to being the superstar that she somehow is on the wii. And she doesn't like it when she doesn't win. At anything. Not much to say about Mama and Daddy other than at least we both broke 100! And Mama even beat Bopa!

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