Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day ... last week

So I'm a bit behind in blogging - Coop's been hogging the computer with some silly excuse about deadlines to finish his master's internship thesis. Silly. So before I even get to Meri's birthday, which has been loads of fun, here's Valentine's Day:
First off - Meri had to make 4 Valentines for her little school group. You'd think that'd be easy. Just 4. But no, it was like torture after the first one was done. However, we did manage to finish.
Then Jell had to make 17 Valentines for a little girly party. This was our first experience in mass producing. I think we'll go simpler in the future.
Meri did have to make an additional 17 as well, but after the experience with the original four, Mom just made them all while she was sleeping. But the girls enjoyed the party:

After all, to them Valentines Day is just another day they get to wear pink, red, or purple, and dress-up!

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Jen said...

They are so cute!