Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seriously discouraging

We overheard this conversation earlier today:
Jell: Meri, you're not obeying me.
Meri: Oh.
Jell: Do you know what obeying means Meri?
Meri: What?
Jell: It means ignoring.
I gave away the fact that I'd been eavesdropping with a "WHAT? That's not obeying!"
Jell: Well, what is it then? (said all wide-eyed and innocent as if we haven't explained this a million and a half times)

Now to make ourselves feel better, we're going to assume she really knew and just misspoke. That she was trying to say 'you're not obeying, you're ignoring.' That makes me feel better.


hannah said...

ahhh... she is so smart. Logan often bosses around Ethan like this(sending him to time-out whenever the play doesn't go his way). Fortunately, young Ethan doesn't mind because he's very good at ignoring... I mean obeying.

marzee said...

This is great Alisha. Lovin' it. . . lovin' it!! ;)