Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ah! The beautiful tulip festival...

So I included slightly less than a tenth of the pictures we took. With such gorgeous surroundings and such cute subjects, it's hard to stop snapping pictures! Jell was a little distraught to discover she didn't fit inside the shoe as well as she did last year while Meri still disappeared inside:
Not sure what the tulips did to deserve this grumpy face but it's sure one I'm familiar with:
The girls only smelled a gazillion tulips this day - do the different colors really smell that different?
Some of the tulips were nearly as tall as Meri, and with her headband, she looked like she almost fit in!
Where have you been all my life? Love the drama and enthusiasm in all she does:
And the posing:

Somehow we made it home without any major encounters with the mud puddles, I mean lakes, and without caving in to the girls' requests for rides, popcorn, ice cream, or any other thing for sale that they laid eyes on. All in all, a beautiful family outing (Coop was there too, although he didn't make it in any of the photos)!


Jen said...

I love all these pictures. I hope to still make it there this year! So colorful and FUN! Your girls look darling in those shoes!

Anna Berne said...

Wes and I went to the tulip festival here today but it is NO where as nice from the pictures. It is way different. I miss you guys!! And Wes asked the same thing today, do the different colors smell different? ha

Raina said...

These are fantastic pictures! I love all the adorable poses, and the girls look too cute!

marzee said...

I've had some fun catching up on your blog and reading all the funny conversations you have with your girls. And congrats on the baby!

Hannah said...

Wow wow wow! What a beautiful location and beautiful subjects!