Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jell really likes to tape her creations on the walls

Resulting in our family room, kitchen, her bedroom and even our bedroom walls being covered in her drawings/paintings. I, of course, make an effort to make sure Meri is also represented but it's rather hard to keep up with the tape machine. Here are just some of the things taped up around the house, starting with the infamous brachiosaurus, which has probably replaced her three-headed monster as my favorite drawing of all time:
I might need to switch these up. For example, I think it's time the Christmas tree comes down:
And the three-headed monster makes its appearance, although the difficult one to see on the left is the most intricate with two witches holding hands with their cats, train tracks, and a train going over three mountains.
This is evidence that she gets carried away. She drew this banana as quickly as she could for the sole purpose of taping it on the wall:
Then comes the grand tamale. Jell drew this lovely portrait of herself surrounded by me and Coop standing under a beautiful rainbow. Meri was upset she wasn't included. Jell brushed it off and, this is the best part, taped it up in the grand place of honor right where a family portrait had recently fallen off the wall and we hadn't got around to replacing it, right over Coop's and my bed. That way we got to see it always. Unfortunately, so did Meri. She kept insisting Jell add her and for whatever reason Jell kept not caring. So Meri took matters into her own hands. The squirt on the right that looks a little like a googly-eyed alien? That's Meri's addition of herself. She was quite pleased with her efforts. Jell was upset that it didn't look like Meri, which led us into a talk about only being complimentary about other people's artwork especially when, like Mer, they did their best (although I also liked the idea that Jell's were totally realistic. Nice mohawk Coop). And besides, you snooze you lose. Now our family portrait is complete:


hannah said...

ha. ha. I love it. We also have random pieces of paper... I mean... major important pieces of art taped at toddler height on various walls throughout the house.

Hannah said...

Way to go Meri by taking the matter into her own hands. Love it! We have a lot of taped artwork around our house too, but one day Erica thought it would be even better to put her watercolors up with a glue stick! Luckily I noticed before it became too stuck!

Emily said...

Hey you! I just noticed that you are expecting #3! Congratulations! I hope everything is going well! I'm sorry I haven't touched base more frequently...things have been a little crazy! But, I just wanted to say hi and congrats! Best wishes!

bontovi said...

great job for her age!!!! she's going to be super talented like her momma!

Lyndsey said...

Really Tommy just likes putting tape on the wall. Doesn't matter if there is something to tape up the tape is just fun. love ya