Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!

Sadly, there was no fireworks show to go to in The Dalles, nor any parade for the girls to ride their bikes in and we even missed the ward party. But that didn't keep us from doing a little of our own firework show (although ask Coop how fun it was to try to light the fireworks in the crazy wind!). And we had company, which made it even more fun! Coop's mission companion, and his wife and girls came to visit. Before they got here, my girls were worried about whether or not their girls liked to play with dress-ups. Fortunately they did, so they were all best friends! Here's a few pics of our celebration:The spectators
Our girls reactions crack me up:
Wahoo! Finally got a sparkler lit!
And when the dads ran out of fireworks to light, they started burning all the boxes. There's something about boys and matches. They just can't resist.
The next day we went to our super cool park and let the girls run until they couldn't anymore! So fun to watch their little heads bouncing around. And since the dads were there to be on kid duty, us moms and their baby enjoyed relaxing on a blanket in the shade, providing water breaks whenever someone slowed down enough to take a drink. Cute girls!
Thanks so much for coming! We had a blast - hope to get together again sometime soon!


Katie said...

I think your girls have the funniest/cutest poses...especially Meri. So much personality evident in each picture...I love it!

Raina said...

what a fun 4th!! Good things those cute girls like dress up too. :D I love to hear the clear differences.. our house is more concerned if they will like our Dinosaurs. :D