Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That hard truth about life

Jell: I wish daddy didn't have to go to work.
Mom: Me too, but somebody has to make some money so we can live.
Jell: Yeah, daddy says he has to make money so we can go to DISNEYLAND!!!
Mom: Someday. For right now, he's making money so we can pay the bills. Not as fun, I know. But did you know that to get to use the water to take a bath, that costs money. And to get the power to turn the lights on, that costs money. And to have the garbage man come and take away our garbage, that costs money.
Jell: NO WAY! How could that be? (giggle giggle giggle) Even the garbage man costs money? How come?
Mom: Well it's his job. He needs to make money doing his job too.
Jell: Wow.
Mom: I know, huh? It's too bad all that doesn't just magically appear for free. That would be cool.
Jell: Yeah. Ha. The garbage man costs money (shaking her head as if to say, unbelievable!).

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hannah said...

LOL! Jell is so smart.