Thursday, September 16, 2010

The girls agree with me...

The men in our life are awesome!
The girls really missed us when we were in the hospital. Every time they came to visit, Meri in particular wouldn't let Coop out of arms reach. Me, in the hospital bed with IVs and all made her nervous, but she was climbing all over Cooper and clinging to him desperately when it was time to go. And it hasn't changed much since we got home - they both love their daddy (and when on earth did Meri get so long and lean):
And they love our new little man too!! They are constantly coming in to check on him, rub his head, show him toys, ask if his eyes are open, suggest a diaper change, etc. And they look so cute together:They finally have what they've always wanted - two princes, so that our two princesses don't have to share at the ball :) We just got lucky that our princes are so cute!

P.S. Random funniness - as the girls raced to the car to go somewhere with daddy, Jell yelled out, "First one in their car seat is a rockin' egg!"

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Raina said...

rockin egg. :D That is just too cute. I love these pictures, and I agree... when did Meri grow up???
We're going to miss you!