Sunday, September 26, 2010

Other going ons

We have actually moved. Sigh. We are hereby officially residents of Sammamish, Washington. Total mixed emotions here - we are seriously going to miss our friends, and we went to our new ward today and looked around at a whole ton of faces without recognizing one. We haven't really ever done this whole move to an unknown place and unknown family ward before (The Dalles for the summer doesn't count because it was so temporary). It's a little intimidating. But at the same time, we are very excited for this new phase in our life. Coop has started his new job and is loving it. Our apartment is in a beautiful area and will work great. Baby Isaac is here and we love him. Jell starts kindergarten tomorrow and couldn't be more thrilled. So lots of exciting things all happening at the same time. We are sad though that we didn't even really get to say goodbye. I could say that's because we'll be back often to visit so it's not so final as all that. But in case you're one of our friends from home and weren't sure, we love you and will miss you terribly. Our girls would totally say the same.
Anyway, here are a couple of other fun pics and we will take some later of where we live!
Somehow our little man is already 2 weeks old! And look, he is so long and is already getting some little chubby rolls:Sad face:
And apparently it's not enough to have the dolls play inside the house. Meri had to get a little more "into" it ... and naturally, got stuck.I guess this one might take a little explanation. We aren't paying for tv but we do have internet. So on Saturday, there were a few football games that everyone wanted to watch. Not being able to flip back and forth on the tv, we set up our desktop, our laptop and my mom's laptop with three separate games at the same time. When I suggested it, Coop jumped right on it and announced he had never been more in love with me. For some reason, each year of our marriage, I've become more and more interested in college football and have enjoyed watching it more and more. Again, he's thrilled and I'm not bored every Saturday during the fall. Win, win! If only the Beavers had played a little better.
Isaac's first bath! The girls thought it was hilarious that he was taking a bath in the sink. He was quite startled but quickly calmed down, relaxed completely (looking again, a little drunk) and LOVED it!!
Love that I get near, and his mouth automatically opens. Glad to know I'm good for something. Now to get fully unpacked and settled in ... and to get some more sleep.


Anna-Kare said...

They are going to love you there and find out pretty quickly how lucky they are you moved into their ward and stake!

Fancy Nancy said...

Alisha... he is dreamy!!! What a sweet baby!!! I am glad that he is sleeping for you. I can't believe all that you have done this summer, you must be exhausted! Looks like he is going to be a toe head like his big sis! Congrats!!!

Anna said...

He is so LONG!! Wes wanted to know if you had stretched him out. ha Love you guys and miss you all!!! I'm glad you like college football finally!

marzee said...

I love the "stuck in the doll house", the three monitors for football, and that awesome baby in the tub. Precious! You guys are great!