Sunday, September 26, 2010

We love our little Sleepy-head

We have been SO blessed! Our little guy is such a great sleeper. Naturally, he prefers to sleep all day and have his too-cute-to-ignore-wide-awake times during the middle of the night, but he is only 2 weeks old so we'll forgive him for now. Anyway, he started out loving to sleep like this:
But now he hates it. He gets SO mad when we try to wrap him. Instead he wants to sleep stretched out like this:

And here, he has "assumed the position." When Coop was about 9 he noticed that after eating, his dad would always lean back in his chair, drape one arm over the next chair and sigh big - stretching out a full tummy. Since then it's been an inside joke. And here's our little man doing it already ... he has "assumed the position." And he's milk drunk. That's fun too.


Jen said...

I love, love, love a milk drunk babe! Yours is a keeper. I am so glad I got to hold him once before you left! I hope you get settled in nicely! We will really miss you!

Lyndsey said...

I can not believe how many pictures you have gotten of this boy smiling!! It is truly amazing. Sorry about the whole up all night thing. Better start waking him up during the day or you will never get out of the newborn mommy haze!

marzee said...

his face is priceless in that last one! love it

Hannah said...

I love the pictures of him all stretched out! So funny. What a cute baby!