Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Isaac's Baby Blessing

When we went home for Thanksgiving we had Isaac's baby blessing. In our church, we don't consider this blessing to be a saving ordinance; meaning it, unlike baptism isn't necessary for salvation. We don't believe babies need to be baptized yet because they can't sin nor could they decide for themselves that they want to be baptized. But they get to have a special blessing that officially puts their names in the records of the church and sometimes gives us insight into their little personalities as the priesthood holder giving the blessing (in this case, Isaac's daddy) follows the inspiration of the Spirit in what to say and bless our little baby with. So it's a very special time especially for parents and it just makes me excited to see what an amazing little man our handsome baby will become! Here's the only picture we got of him in his outfit, and a couple of decent family pics from later in the day:
We're so glad that Isaac is part of our family!!!


Anna Collett said...

aahhh I love it!! I also love that somehow I am always the first to comment. You only posted an hour ago but I'm on top of it! haha I love your little family! They are so adorable! I just can't wait to see you all.

Jen said...

Your family IS adorable. And, it was nice to see you for a nano second that day! Isaac's blessing was lovely!