Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kangaroo Bday Party

 M's cute little gymastics friend invited her to her bday party. I went with her, since the actual party was at a Christmas tree/kangaroo farm over an hour away. I had been a bit dubious about whether it was going to be worth the trek and trouble, but check out these pics to see for yourself.

The kids feeding the mama donkey. The baby was only a day old. I didn't know a donkey could be so cute!
 M petting their male African tortoise. She was very surprised and announced that he wasn't soft at all. I was surprised at how speedy he was. He followed our group around and kept up the whole time.
 Seriously, how cute are the wallabies and kangaroos?
Such funny little creatures. M was all brave, and loved being around them, feeding them, petting them.
 This is their big male kangaroo sunning himself. How funny does he look? The owner had to work really hard to convince him to get up from his rest. He has reason to be tired though. He's the only full-grown male, and has quite a few mates to keep track of. That and the tours coming through a few times a day wanting him to play.
But he's super nice and gentle and lets all the kids hug him. Seriously funny looking creatures!
At the end all the kids who wanted to got to hold the tiny baby kangaroo. She was happy about it I promise. In fact, M couldn't stop laughing about the fact that it was wrapped in a blanket. The farm sells the little guys. I couldn't have imagined owning a kangaroo, until you see how cute they are. Fortunately, M didn't know they could be bought as pets, so I haven't had to start deflecting that request. Oh, and then M spent the next hour sprinting around the park, having me time her laps. She just kept going. What I wouldn't give for that kind of energy!

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Anna Collett said...

These are the cutest pictures!! M looks so brave! And I can't believe you can just handle kangroos like that....ha I'm glad you went, despite your worries about it.