Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer funnin'

Hilarious. All three of them. In their own "special" way.
That's one serious tea party.
Huh? What are you guys doin' over there?
Although it looks like M is trying to strangle her sister, this is actually a hug. Not to be confused.
One of the best things about Bend ... the swimming pool! So much fun!
And one of our favorite things about Nana and Bopa ... the kids wake up and jump in bed with them! The kiddos love it, especially as they get to watch cartoons, and mama and daddy love it because they sleep in!! Thanks Nana and Bopa!
Another thing to love about Bend ... all the awesome parks! What I sadly didn't get pics or video of were the endless hours spent riding bikes at a nearby school parking lot. They had quite the routine and Bopa was just a horn honk away. He was amazing. And thanks to him, both our girlies are now riding bikes without training wheels, and quite proud of it!
And he's just cute. No getting around that.


Anna Collett said...

you have the cutest little kids! And I just love how much they love each other!!!

Anna Collett said...

Ok so I looked at these more indepth and I love the tea party. Especially the half barbie who looks like she is sitting IN the table! I also really just love all pictures of Buddy. He is SO adorable!!