Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-or-Treating till ya drop!

Finally the big day had arrived (the countdown was just killing us)! And The Dalles does this awesome thing where they have trick-or-treating downtown from 3 to 5. Downtown is like 4 blocks by 4 blocks, which I didn't think was much until we tried to cover it with the kiddos and heavy bags of candy! It was great though, just going from storefront to storefront in daylight (apart from the one that turned out to be a serious Haunted House without warning, and you couldn't get out once in because of all the people behind you - Cooper will probably have nightmares tonight. Poor girls), and being totally done by 5! We went home, had dinner and then carved our pumpkins. Yes, we are that lame. We had not yet carved them, but now we have! I did learn at least one thing from the afternoon though. If your child is going to be a butterfly, when it comes to the wings, bigger is not better. Beautiful though they were, they posed a serious health hazard to any and every person within 10 feet. But, enjoy the pics, grumpy little dragon and all:

And now that the kids are in bed, time to take a closer look at their candy bags. You know, to make sure it's all safe and such. Yum. Kinda felt like it was a bit of a sham though, having people put candy in our little dragon's bag. As if I'm going to let him eat all that!


Anna Collett said...

I LOVE their costumes!! M's little face is super adorable. And despite the difficulty, J looked adorable too. And I don't even need to mention Little Dude because its not necessary ha. I also love M with the pumpkins! I'm jealous because we didn't get pumpkins. East coast was having some type of shortage of pumpkins...its weird. ha

hannah said...

The dragon doesn't look too grumpy, and someone sure did a great job painting the kitty's face!