Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in Dairyville

 It's always fun to have new Christmas adventures! So this year we head over to Alpenrose dairy to see Santa and their Storybook Lane (They haven't had it in 6 years but it was a long-standing tradition before that). Unfortunately, we got there 15 minutes after the opened on Saturday and were given #45 to see Santa - right before we heard them call #3. An hour later they were on #25 ... so we kinda didn't wait to see Santa. But we did get to enjoy this charming little village, with a yummy bakery and a cool train set  and Storybook Lane with the animals. Our little dude wasn't particularly thrilled to be there, but I think everybody else had a fun time :)


Unknown said...

Did you ever volunteer as Santa's elf here during high school? I know I did - taking millions of photos of kids with Santa! What a fun place to take your kids; glad the tradition is back up and running!!


Raina said...

We did this too!! So sad we couldn't have coordinated better to be there at the same time! So much fun to see the animals though!