Saturday, December 03, 2011

Hunting Christmas Trees

We decided to go all out this year and make the trek to an actual Christmas tree farm and cut it down ourselves! Getting credit for doing this was so important that when we'd realized we'd forgotten the camera we went 20 minutes back to get it and yes J, "now we have to start all over again." But in case we never repeat this adventure, we need evidence that we did it so the kiddos "remember." And it was totally worth it! Gorgeous day. And quite the hilarious excursion. J was thrilled to find so many trees "her size."
M, on the other hand, was overjoyed to find trees the same size as Gumby Santa and Tinkerbell's friend, who apparently hang out. We kept momentarily losing her, and every time it was because she was on the ground somewhere playing with these guys. 
Dude was just taking advantage of all the wide open spaces. He just kept running like crazy, which would've been fine except that the ground was uneven and pretty much any time he headed downhill, he laughed maniacally ... and face-planted. Didn't bother him much though. He'd get right up and do it again. Here he's giggling his head off as J is chasing him to try to get him to slow down. Pretty sure I know how that ended.
When he got to this section of the field, he went from tree to tree patting them as if to say, "nice work guys."
Then he discovered the stumps, which were understandably, quite fascinating. Naturally he had to kick them and try to stand on every one, which without fail resulted in him ending up on his face or backside.
But the fun had to end sometime - we picked one! All cute and little and perfectly shaped. Then what? Let's just say, Coop was pretty envious of the guys with the chainsaw. And dude was fascinated. 
But who needs a chainsaw? We have daddy (who, incidentally, is now wearing a Dora the Explorer bandaid). And an incredible view.
Oh and one last pic just because she's looking way too grown-up. Totally freakin' us out.
Time to go vacuum up pine needles!


Anna Collett said...

This looks so incredibly fun!! We went to Home Depot and picked out our Christmas tree! Kind of the same experience... I think M constantly lives in her own word and little Dude is just telling the little trees to keep on growing! And can I say that J is WAY too big and fashionable! When did she get this old????

hannah said...

How fun! I miss Christmas tree farms!

Raina said...

I feel like I was right there with you guys! I just need to hear more of your little guys laughter these days though! i hope we get to see you around the holidays. Love the pictures!!!!