Sunday, December 11, 2011

Preschool Pajama Party

Looking through pictures, I just noticed I missed posting these. Can't miss the pajama pictures. M was so thrilled about these! She laid out every single one of her jammies that morning and took hours deciding which one she would actually wear. Life is full of tough choices. Never too early to learn that :) Here she is with her friends and teachers:

M LOVES her school! It's been basically the best thing that's happened to her and possibly even the whole reason we moved to The Dalles. I do think this particular day that she was so excited about was the day her teacher laughed and told me that when they take pictures in class, M asks if she's going to put them on the blog. Her teacher thought that was hilarious. Especially when she told her she could just look at our blog and see. Like she was telling her how it's done.


Gel said...

Congrats on your fun news!!! I haven't looked at your blog in awhile...good thing I did or I would have missed it!! hope u guys are doing well!! Miss you

Anna Collett said...

She made a very good decision in the end! You can never go wrong with princesses.