Monday, January 30, 2012

And then it just kept snowing

 So after a few days of dusting, it decided to get serious and really snow. And snow, and snow, and snow. Guess who wasn't complaining?
Little dude thought it looked like loads of fun, although in all honesty, by the time he was all zipped and tucked and covered and tied up, he was less convinced.
 Pretty quickly, his concerns grew. You see he couldn't move.
We solved the problem by finding him the best seat in the house!
Where he could watch all the action. And clearly, he was the only one watching since nobody else had their eyes open. Even J. Why's SHE closing her eyes? She's throwing the snowball!
He thought it was hysterical when they hit each other with the snowballs. Especially daddy. Everybody always loves that. His other favorite thing was to knock snow off of the tree branches and watch them spring back up. For some reason that was hilarious.
And despite it not being the best packing snow, the girls got right to work on building a respectable-sized snowgirl (although in all honesty, daddy did all the heavy work. they just accessorized).
They also built a rather impressive snow-brick wall to keep our snowgirl from running off and doing what snowmen do at night, but sadly, I didn't get a picture of all that hard work.
And that would be because I had to go back in pretty quickly. Little man got cold just sitting still, and I could only carry him so much so we left others to have fun in our winter wonderland. And it's a good thing they did, because the next day is started to drop freezing rain. And it did more the next day. And off and on for a week. So we had nasty snow covered in layers and layers of ice for forever! Not the easiest thing for a 7 month pregnant lady to walk around on, especially while holding a 16-month old! Just sayin. And it wouldn't melt because it wouldn't warm up and even when it did a little it didn't do us any good because our front yard doesn't get a lick of sun in the winter (should've seen all the garbage and recycling cans everybody had put out on the curb but that didn't get picked up for an extra week. Frozen solid. At least they didn't stink)! And you could hardly park your car anywhere because of what the snowplows had built up along the sides of the roads! Just a couple days ago, when it had been 2 weeks since the snow, Coop stood on our sidewalk right below our porch, and without moving at all, slid the whole way down to the street on the remaining ice. Total nightmare, but it is finally gone and we're now enjoying balmy 40 degree weather. Hardly even need a coat for that!

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Anna Collett said...

I love these!! I have to say that first I love that buddy is wearing our bear gloves!!! Then I love how he is wayyy to short for the snow. Poor guy, but the chair sure seemed nice. I love the girls snowball fight. I can only image the squeals! Wish we were having more snow. It might as well snow if it is cold enough