Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun at Cooper Spur!

So when there's been all this crazy snow/ice on the road, we've stuffed the whole family into our little Camry because our Mazda's traction sucks. So it's just easier on the nerves, although being packed in so tight does lead to other things that are less easy on the nerves. Here they're still happy, if not a little crazy. We've now done this to-and-from Portland and to-and-from Mt. Hood's Cooper Spur.
What a fantastic find! We've never been there before but it was so cheap and SO completely geared towards beginners and kids. It was great. Dude even warmed up after a bit and thought it was great fun to walk up the hill to the bottom of the lift and laugh his head off at the skiiers coming by.
Aunt Patti and Uncle Jim even came, bringing their two large and very happy dogs to enjoy the snow!
Don't they look ready to ski?!
And Nana and Bopa were the ones to come up with the idea for the day. Sadly I don't have any pictures of the actual skiing because Bopa had one girl, Cooper the other, Nana was in charge of the refueling station, and I was following the little man up and down the hill.
They also had sledding off to the side, with a little rope tow to get you up there.
It wasn't the fastest sledding hill but the girls still cited it as their favorite part of the day ...
Despite how worried M looks here.
And Nana even gave it a try! Although apparently she didn't weigh enough to make it down the hill either. She stopped halfway down and had to push herself the rest of the way. She only did it once.
And before and after the little guy got worn out, this is where we spent our day. Thank heavens for the comfy couch in the little lodge! He even miraculously fell asleep amidst all the tumult. It didn't last long and this pic was snapped shortly after he awoke, from which he took like an hour to recover. He doesn't like his naps interrupted. To show his displeasure, he refused to look at the camera. In fact he sat like this, stroking his blanket for that full hour. After everybody was worn up, and the girls had even gone up the lift a few times (J will be sure to let you know that Bopa made her fall), we headed into Hood River for some yummy pizza.
Thanks so much for all the fun!!


Anonymous said...

Such a fun day! Great memories! Love the pictures, I have to start taking pictures. We could have had pictures of everyone skiing if I had thought of it. New goal! Love you all, Nana

Anna Collett said...

AH what amazing pictures!!! I love the girls in the their helmets and all! I have to say that I love M's hilarious very very worried look, but the best picture is probably mom. Wish i was there with you guys!

bontovi said...

You look great my friend!!! ANd love the pictures. Fun fun fun!!!