Monday, January 16, 2012

Every little bit counts

So we haven't got the promised dump of snow by any means, but we have woke up to light dustings the last two mornings. And there's really no convincing the kids that they won't be able to make snow angels or a snowman family out of this tiny bit of snow, so here's a ton of pictures from the fun. I'm way too tired to be selective so here are pretty much all the good ones, because the kids are cute whether there's enough snow or not:
Ok, so he might have been wearing his sister's old pink snow boots. But he doesn't mind! And they keep the feet warm! At least he has such a tough, manly hat on!

Daddy wasn't answering her question, distracted by trying to get the best candid shot. She didn't appreciate being ignored. Clearly.
J has gotten rather photogenic lately, hasn't she? This snowball basically took all the snow off of the lawn to make. Gotta admire perseverance.


Anna Collett said...

Ahh They are seriously the cutest little kids!!! And the snow seems so fun! I wish we had some snow to play in, but I rather have the little girls to play with!

Hannah said...

Ha! I love M's face. Priceless!