Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dashing through the snow

This is how I feel whenever they convince me to play outside - "Ooooh, it's cold."
New world record!
This is M's strategy to go farther - the streamlined bullet method.
The worst part of sledding is always the hike back up! If I recall correctly, it was non-stop snowing and a high of 9 degrees that day. That bites a little.
The next day, dude was awake and ready to join the fun. He even went down the hill by himself for the first time! And then sat in the sled at the bottom waiting for some soft-hearted sucker to come pull him all the way back up :) Thankfully Papa took over Mama's usual role.
M enjoyed writing messages in the snow. Little late for Christmas lists dear (to which she responds, she's already starting her birthday list).
And as always, Dude enjoys the ride back up perhaps as much as he enjoys the one down! He is usually saying, "whoooaaa, whoaaaaa" the whole way up as the sled tips higher and threatens to tip him out (and often does).
Watch out poor Mr. Postman! Here comes Mr. I!
The girls decided it is easier to climb the tree when there aren't leaves to contend with. I would think that having feeling in your hands would help however. And looking at the picture reminds me I should probably go cut the tags off their coats. Tee hee.
"No I not told! I mate-in trats!" Translation = No, I'm not cold. I'm making tracks!
And even after days of all that fun, our backyard is hardly even touched. Wish you could see how our Christmas snow sparkled. It was crazy beautiful. Looked like it had snowed glitter (which I've very much enjoyed looking at ... from inside)!


Hannah Holt said...

Brrr. But looks like fun.

Anna Collett said...

So much fun!!! It has been bitter cold here and we've been envying the snow. If it is going to be cold I don't understand why there isn't snow. So pretty