Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Having pulled in to the driveway quite late, exhausted from our SD trip, with two full cars to unpack, it was hard to muster up the energy to get ready for Easter. Fortunately, the Easter Bunny did all the hard work! And in the morning, kids that fell asleep in their clothes in uncomfortable positions in a cramped car were happy and full of energy as early as would be expected! Love how it looks like the Angry Bird egg that dude is holding is the head to his dragon shirt.
Actually, Baby G slept in. And even when she woke up, I wouldn't really say she was awake. She looked a little dazed and confused.
Our little dragon didn't really remember the drill, but caught on pretty quick and enjoyed finding the eggs that he didn't have to work for at all. For at least the next week, I'd come around a corner and find him happily counting the contents of the plastic eggs. His favorite thing was to open them and announce that they were either jelly beans or M & M's. He actually only ate them without permission once or twice. As far as I know. The older girls enjoyed re-hiding the eggs endlessly. Though it is important to note that whoever was hiding the eggs was required to wear the bunny ears. But that pretty much goes without saying.
Close to a cute shot!

Less close! Baby G was not feeling cooperative and just wanted her mama.
And a big shout out to Nana for making our Easter dresses/skirt! Aren't they darling? I love the fabrics. And the boys' ties from last Easter almost match. Close enough. And fortunately the lobster made it in the family picture. Happy Easter!

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