Monday, May 20, 2013

Can't do one without the other!

J didn't want hers quite as short although I think she wanted it a tiny shorter than I cut it (I was a bit gun shy about over-cutting this time). And surprisingly, she was MUCH worse at holding still. However, it might have had something to do with the fact that during M's haircut, Baby G was sleeping and Dude was happily watching Sesame Street. So we were allowed to concentrate in peace. Not so much with J's. It was post-dinner, which is a pretty scary time of day no matter which way you paint it. Is that just us? On top of it, Coop wasn't here. On top of that, the littles spent the first half of the haircut in the bath in the bathroom where we were cutting while M "supervised." Otherwise known as reading aloud, quite loudly, her newest Junie B. Jones. Course that "peace and quiet" didn't last, ending abruptly when Baby G demanded out and had to be diapered, bottled, jammied, and put to bed. Back to cutting. Then when dude had thoroughly washed himself, meaning we're now probably out of shampoo, he demanded to get out and heaven forbid M hand him a towel instead of Mama. Trying to get back to work quickly, I merely threw some Buzz Lightyear underwear on him and went back to doing my best to follow my YouTube video. Totally exhausting. I do like the asymmetrical whatever they called it where its a little longer in front. I should've done that with M's but went along with the last stylist I watched and tried some little side bangs. Either way, J's pleased and naturally, can't wait to show off the new "do" at school tomorrow, where they are both convinced nobody will even recognize them.

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