Friday, May 17, 2013

Toddler funnies

J: I slept in this morning!
Dude: You slept IN this morning?
J: Yes, I slept in this morning.
Dude: You slept IN this morning?
J: Yes! I slept in!
Dude: Did we sleep OUT this morning?

A new "favorite response of mine -
Me: Hey, how about we do ....
Dude: How about no?
Or even better yet, he said yesterday, "How about you no say no to me?" And much less cute is the quite frequently heard, "Nooooo! You CAN'T say no to me!" or "Don't say no to me mom. Don't say it," said in a melodic warning voice.

Was just reading "Dino Football" to Dude, which by the way does an amazing job of introducing vocab words such as triceratops and flea flicker all at the same time. He pointed at two dinos that were giving each other a chest bump after winning and asked who they were. I said, "I think brachiosaurus?" He shook his head and replied, "No. They's TWO brachiosaureees." He just tried to pluralize!! Hope he wasn't offended when I laughed my head off at his serious little face!

Dude: My nose is peeing again.
Me: Go get a tissue so we can wipe it.
Dude: No, just wipe it with my shirt!
(this has changed over the last few weeks. No he says its "peeled.")

And Currently he says in EVERY prayer: And thank you for the elephant bird and the T-Rex and the dinosaurs...


Anna Collett said...

Oh my gosh cutest little boy!!! He is going to struggle with going to school....ha Pants are so itchy!!!

Darcey and Jeff said...

Those are so funny. And it is nice to see you have grass now. Also I know this is out of order but the hair cuts all look great. You are way braver than me!