Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of School!!

 So classic me, I decided the girls should make presents to give to their teachers on the last day of school...on the second-to-last day of school. And naturally I wanted them to be handmade by the girls so they'd mean more. To the girls that is. So we went straight from picking them up from school to Walmart to buy supplies and then raced home and began cutting out paper flowers until we dropped. They were so proud of them though so it was totally worth killing a whole afternoon and evening for! We filled the little pots with pens and pencils the teachers can use next year, put paper flowers on the tops and they included a little note that said, "thanks for helping us bloom and grow this year." Cute girls. I thought it would be even more meaningful to them because both of their teachers are switching to the new school next year and they were having a hard time dealing with that. Thankfully, daddy also got a quick picture of them with their teachers after school so they can always remember :)
If you can't tell, they're soaking wet here from apparently being sprayed by a fire truck's hose at the last day carnival. Wish I'd got a picture of that! 
And with that, let the summer games begin! I spent the morning getting ready with our new, "Fight boredom, not each other" jar full of fun ideas if things to do. So for once I'm one step ahead! Or I've potentially fought boredom with lots of projects that require my involvement, which will most likely always happen at the least convenient time possible. But it'll be fun! And jokes on them because I snuck some chores in there too, and the rule will be if they draw one they can't put it back! Russian Roulette anyone? Anybody bored yet?

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Anna Collett said...

Such cute ideas!!! Jealous of your summer coming up!