Saturday, June 15, 2013

Does Baby G like camping?

 I think that's a yes.
Then, to avoid waking up the entire campground at 5:15, which is when that cute little punk above woke up and then woke up the rest of the family by doing things like sitting on them or patting them lovingly on the head until they opened their eyes, we took an early morning drive around the National Park. Apparently that's when all the animals are out and about, thinking they own the place! We were pretty sure we were going to have to turn around and head back the other way when we came across this traffic jam!

 And while I was distracted by the large group ahead, this guy snuck up beside us for a closer look. Kinda startling.
 And then, for the first time, we saw the wild mustangs up close!!! The girls were out of their heads excited. And I gotta admit, I'm not even a horse person, but there is not much better than seeing these beautiful, strong wild animals roaming the paved highway like they used to do back in the Wild Wild West. They were so beautiful!
 And there were some babies! None of us had ever seen a baby horse in person before! Talk about all legs!
 Older baby. Man, these animals are incredible.
 And when they run? SO awesome!
 One last baby shot. Had to include this one because I love how the Mama was trying to stare us down. As we inched along in the car, another horse and her moved to stand between us and the baby. What a good Mama!
Another successful trip to the park! Especially because Dude can't stop talking about how we all camped in a tent, although he was disappointed that we didn't find any T-Rexes on our drive! He kept insisting they would be there :)

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