Saturday, June 08, 2013

What's to see in Bismarck?

Grammy and Papa decided to come visit us for a few days since they were "on the way" when they dropped Che and her kids off in Utah. I guess since Utah is closer to Oregon than North Dakota, you could kind of say that ... 

So we decided to head into Bismarck with them and see the "sights." Actually, we had a ton of errands to do at, you know, stores. We don't have a ton of those here in town. For example, there isn't a single dry cleaner so we have to drop Coop's suits off once a month when we go to the "big city" :) While there, before the kids exploded from a long day of running here and there, we thought we'd show Grammy and Papa a few things around town like the capitol. Here's our cute pics! 

Beautiful day! We're so glad they were able to come and just wish they could've stayed longer!

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Anna Collett said...

Those hats are just hilarious!