Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hiking in Teddy's Park

 Ooooh look! A trail! We're outta here!
 You guys coming too or what?
 And at the top of the first hill, whoa! what a view!
 Hold on. Short legs make a little hill seem like a mountain.
 Still waiting for Ms. Short Legs. Cheeeeese!
 Baby G would've happily walked the whole way but there was no guardrail along the sharp drop-off of an edge of Wind Canyon, so....
Finally all in one place!
And proof that I was there! But what to do? The path is blocked by a very large, muddy puddle. Somewhat related, the last time we were here this park was not nearly so green. And pretty sure that river wasn't that big either. Amazing what a crazy rainy spring can do!
Speaking of what rain can do...
Is that why we didn't see any other hikers? Turns out clay is slippery when wet. And sticky. Very, very sticky. Imagine how hard it is for very small legs to lift feet like this step after step! Dude kept saying, "whoa! This is di-rty."
 And speaking of more things the rain can do ... by the way, the kids are not behind this rock. They are inside it. Tried to get dude to go down in far enough to peek out one of the holes, but he kept saying, "Nooooo, what animal is it? What animal?" Poor little nervous guy.
 More gorgeous views! Man, this is so green it's hard to remember it's North Dakota not Oregon!
 J: "Mom, what makes the rocks red?" Me: Um ... science.
 Another hill conquered and another spectacular panaroma enjoyed!
 And another rock enjoyed. Baby G thought each and every one was so cool. Even with that, we succeeded in finishing our .3 mile hike! What's that you say? Only .3 miles? Sure didn't feel that short with so many little legs and so much steep wet clay with so few guardrails and so many buffalo chips to avoid! Good times!

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Anna Collett said...

What a fun hike!!!! The shoe picture looks like it is right out of a Pippie Longstocking book! ha Baby G is just the cutest thing ever... Miss you all! Oh and I'm jealous of your yoga capris...I want some just like that!