Friday, August 23, 2013

Elk Lake was AWESOME!

As part of the great Berne gathering of 2013, we spent an incredible day on a breathtakingly beautiful lake. They rented a pontoon boat (isn't pontoon a funny word?) and a bunch of paddle boards. Word of warning, the paddle boards are much easier to paddle out and across the lake. Coming back against the wind? Not so much. But here the kids are all enjoying their turn on the boat:
While dude took a little time to warm up to the whole boat idea (Nana is a great comforter/reassurer), baby G thought it was great from the start. No qualms about not having firm ground to stand on. Time to play!
 Dude preferred to be in charge, behind the wheel with Bopa. Kid loves steering wheels.
 Grandma and Grandpa even enjoyed their time on the boat! Highlight: When grandpa said to my Aunt Rosie, "take a picture of me driving this boat with Leatrice (my grandma) on my lap. Come here Leatrice. Take a seat."

On this day, cousin Aaron stepped up big time. He let J on his paddleboard, and paddled her all around the lake. Then she wanted a turn. I believe, from what I saw, he then swam behind her trying to be right there to push or steady if need be. 
 Thing is, she didn't need any help. I guess when you weigh so little, balancing isn't as much of an issue? The one who looked like he needed help was poor Aaron, who looked half-drowned by the time they were done. She was fast! And man, she loved it!
Course dude wanted a turn. With him on, I thought sitting was a better option, but we got braver and improved with time :) Helped when Bopa took him on his board. Then I could stand, even if I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Not as hard to balance as I had expected, except perhaps for turning with choppy waters or a brisk breeze. It was a blast but definitely required some arm strength when you got out in that wind!
 And Nana helped feed little Ms. Bottomless Pit/Hungry Bird on land. What a day! Couldn't have asked for better!

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