Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh Henry!

New baby cousin H the 5th is about the cutest thing with rolls and a full head of hair. Basically everybody wanted a piece. J was constantly wanting to hold him and considers herself an extra because she has "lots of experience." Course she was never content to hold him securely. She wanted to talk to him and get him to laugh so he had to be able to see her face. Not that he liked to focus on people's faces a whole lot when we first got there. Wouldn't look you in the eye that kid :)

M loved to hold him almost as much, just didn't think about it quite as frequently. But she always looked proud and happy to have him!
Dude even wanted to get his chance now and then. He just didn't stay interested for long. Basically he was in it for the photo opp. Then you'd better be nearby bc he let go as soon as he decided he was done.  
Baby G was also interested in the new baby. Aunt Lenora was never really comfortable leaving him on the ground if she was nearby. Or awake. Had to include this picture. Clearly she knew Lenora and Andrew don't like H to suck on his fingers. So she drooled all over her own arm to show H what he was missing out on and then, when nobody was looking, offered him a chance with hers.
Her favorite thing to do though was to rub his head ... while we all cautioned, "gently G, gently G." She just wanted to feel what a full head of hair feels like. Heaven knows she's never had one :)
And if we were lucky, she skipped the poking pointing out his eyes part and went straight for the hand holding. She LOVED to hold his hands! He wasn't always a fan and can move those things around quite randomly, much to her frustration, but here he almost looks like he enjoys it :)
And one last one of Great-Grandpa Berne enjoying his newest great-grandbaby.
We miss Baby H already! He's going to be WAY too big when we see him again :( He'll be walking! Oi! G will be able to have some real fun with him then although I seriously doubt H will hang around for any of his cousins to hold him!

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Anna Collett said...

I love the look Henry is giving M. And it doesn't even need to be said how cute Baby G and Henry are together... ha Also, Henry looks SO much like Andrew in these pictures