Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loving Bend!

The kids know that if we go to Nana and Bopa's house in Bend, there's going to be some pool time! And they LOVE it!
 Daddy wasn't there and sadly Bopa had just had some dental work done that made him a little hesitant to rough house, but fortunately, Uncle Wes stepped up big time. The kiddos might have worn him out a little. But they VERY, VERY much appreciated it!
 As did I. It left me free to sit calmly and dryly sit on the edge with the more hesitant littles :)
 Baby G loved the pool as much as anyone!
 Cheese! Despite what some people have said over the years, I'm still not sure we look at all alike. But then again, my kiddos don't look like their sisters either! Hopefully they end up as good of friends as we are now!
 Dude liked to join in on the action. From the safety of the edge of the pool. But how darn cute is he in this shooting stance?
 Fortunately, Elena and her girls were able to come join in the fun. More kids for Wes to throw through the air! And a LOT more giggling!
Ok, ok, this shot isn't from the pool, but she's just SO cute! Those eyes are so dang blue!!

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Anna Collett said...

Even though most of these are my photos, I still LOVE them all!! ha The pool was so much fun! And I love thinking about baby G with her raisins on that chair. She was just so happy!