Monday, August 04, 2014

6 months old!

It is just mind blowing how much babies learn in the first 6 months! I'll do a quick review of some of her developmental achievements of the last few busy months. Just look at this little rolly goober learning that she has tasty toes:
 She's been trying to crawl for weeks now. She'd assume the position and rock, inching one knee forward and then inevitably pushing backwards to try to sit up instead. Silly girl. 
And speaking of sitting up...
Ta dah! She somehow mixed things up a bit, learning to get into a sitting position before she learned to actually sit, but did master the sitting itself shortly after turning 5 months old. 
 Okay, mostly mastered. She falls sometimes too but is never unhappy about it!
She's also learning to play with toys. This face clearly says, "This is so much fun!"
 Big brother is doing his best to teach her how to play. Isn't this the cutest?
 And speaking of cutest ... 
Then this blue-eyed girl finally figured out the crawling thing AND pulled herself up to stand the very same day. One developmental milestone at a time crazy girl!
To make up for it, she's not so advanced at the whole eating food thing. Actually, I'm pretty sure she thinks we're trying to kill her when we put something in her mouth. And I'm even more sure none of it actually gets down her throat. How exactly is it possible for her to have spit it on her eyelid???
Oh and I would also bet money that big brother taught her to make this face for the camera too:

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