Thursday, July 24, 2014

Go Lego Club!

Despite the grumpy face from Mr. Cantankerous, the kids have been in love with Legos lately. Like I might as well just get rid of every other toy because it's the only thing they play with. Ooooh, imagine how clean my house could be if I actually did that? A girl can dream. Anyway, the kids were pretty pumped when I told them the library had started a Lego club. I think Dude was refusing to smile here merely because I was trying to take his picture. Or because he was supposed to play with the big Legos like a little kid.
 G had no issue with it and went straight to work building the biggest tower ever.
 Fortunately he got over it and built one of his monsters:
 The girls were slightly intimidated at first, sitting at a large table full of Lego experts, aka. pre-teen boys. They clearly understood that there was a whole world that they knew very little about. That meant unfamiliar vocab, fancy trick pieces, and the ability to build without instructions. I was proud of how they just did their best without embarrassment.
 And then to top it off, J won the door-prize and the much coveted and most recently released Chima Lego set (guarantee she did not even know that name before today)! She may have enjoyed the envying attentions from that previously mentioned more experienced crowd a little bit. Needless to say they can't wait to come again!

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