Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New school year! 2014-2015

Sadly another summer has come and gone, which basically means winter is upon us. Not that I'm dreading it or anything... But these great kiddos are growing like weeds, and about as numerous as them as well. I just can't believe how big our elementary schoolgirls are:
Not to forget the crowd at home! This guy insisted on a school photo as well and having seen the girls indicate their grade with their fingers, he gave me this:
Not sure what that's supposed to mean but it's so him. The little girls are not to be forgotten either. No seriously, don't forget to keep an eye on them or you cannot imagine the trouble the fashionista on the left can cause. We are hoping that she will graduate from potty training this year (sooner rather than later) and that Tiny will be accepted into the sleeping-through-the-night class that we'd all like to join. She could also use to grow some hair. Ah the exciting things this year holds!

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